"Inside The Splintered Wood is tender and deeply human. Myles Gordon is simply an outstanding poet." - Kathleen Spivack, author of With Robert Lowell And His Circle

"Inside The Splintered Wood is a very funny book. But don't take this poet lightly. He'll be the one telling the "joke of utter humanity" when the place blows up."
- Natasha Saje, author of Bend

"...The debut collection from Myles Gordon is at once brave and ravenous; an embodiment of love starved for itself."
- Brendan Constantine, author of Calamity Joe

"A remarkable sonnet sequence lies at the heart of Myles Gordon's brave collection about family and history and the resulting wounds and recovery. "
- Jennifer Barber, author of Given Away

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Come To Newbury Street

for the poetry!

I'm giving a reading.

Monday, November 23, 7 PM
Trident Booksellers Cafe

Details here

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Reading tonight - August 18

Late notice but if you're around and feel like hearing some poetry...
I'm reading tonight, August 18, at the Armory, in Somerville, 191 Highland Avenue at 7 PM, along with Tomas O'Leary and Marieve Rugo, followed by an open mic. It's part of the First and Last Word Poetry Series, put together by Harris Gardner and Gloria Mindock - and as they always say - hope to see YOU there!

Monday, July 6, 2015

Long time, no write

Geez, it's been a year (more or less) since I've written in this blog. Time gets away... Anyone ever get into a "form" rut? For the longest time, whatever poetry I try to write has become sonnets - and these long, narrative sequences no less. One recent sequence involves a study of Ethel Rosenberg - one of America's most intriguing historical figures (I believe). I've written a few other things but nothing substantial - certainly not in the volume and intensity of free verse I was slogging out a few years ago. Just curious if anyone else has ever fallen into this sort of pattern...

Speaking of sonnets, a review of my latest chapbook (of sonnets) found here.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Fall Around The Corner

Hi all - long time since I've posted. I've been in that summer state of mind! Fall is around the corner and school is starting up. My gosh, there will be some unusual challenges. The district where I teach, Revere, Massachusetts, was struck by a destructive tornado a few weeks ago, causing a lot of damage in a city that can't afford such a disaster. Fortunately, no one was hurt - but a lot of families and students were certainly affected.

In other news - my next book, a chapbook called Until It Does Us In, is due out this fall from Somerville's Cervena Barva Press. Thank you, publisher Gloria Mindock, for all the work you do for the Boston poetry scene! More news to come as details emerge. In the meantime, here are some blurbs for the book:

Myles Gordon’s little book of sonnets startles and reaches the reader in ways that no other medium can. Through sparingly chosen words it evokes powerful images that are intense, colorful, sharp edged and emotionally compelling. It is the naked truth, the full story, condensed in a few lines. It weaves the horror of the Holocaust through the fabric of generations, linking past atrocity to present day tragedy, laying bare all pretenses and deceptions that are attempt to disguise it.

Dr. Dori Laub – Founder, Fortunoff Video Archive for Holocaust Testimonies, Yale University

 Myles Gordon’s ambitious and affecting sonnet sequence not only conveys – sometimes with beautiful formal understatement, other times with bitter directness – the horrors of Jewish history, but also, heartbreakingly, how those horrors infiltrate the present. In until it Does us In, moving sonnets about the suicide of a hip, pot-smoking, peace-sign wielding older cousin function as continuations and repercussions of what is captured in this exquisite final couplet: “the Jews of Brest Litovsk; the German gun./The shadows dwindled, thinned. Then there were none.”

Jacqueline Osherow – Author of Whitehorn

The humanity and sense of loss in Gordon’s poems is so forceful and fresh, we feel like rising up and saving each other.

Yehoshua November – Author of God’s Optimism

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Chronicle! and Aguero

Boston and New England area folks - please tune in to "Chronicle" Friday, May 30, Channel 5, at 7:30 WCVB TV. I will be a featured author on a "books" show. Chronicle is a great show - it airs every week night at 7:30 and features eclectic, interesting and timely stories, and has been doing so for three plus decades - truly a New England treasure!

Kathleen Aguero is the author of several collections of poems, including Investigations: The Mystery of the Girl Sleuth (Cervena Barva Press), Daughter of (Cedar Hill Books), The Real Weather (Hanging Loose) and Thirsty Day (Alice James Books). She teaches in the low-residency MFA program in Creative Writing at Pine Manor College, and in Changing Lives through Literature, an alternative sentencing program. Her latest book, after that, from Tiger Bark Press, is a powerhouse: read my review here

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Until It Does Us In

Happy to announce that my chapbook, "Until It Does Us In," has been picked up by Cervena Barva Press, in Somerville, MA, due out for publication in Fall, 2014. Thank you Cervena Barva, and Gloria Mindock - Publisher.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

And the Mass Book Award Goes To...

...Amy Dryansky, for her wonderful collection Grass Whistle (Salmon Press). For those who have been following, myself and five other poets were nominated for the Massachusetts Book Award in poetry. The winners in all four categories were announced recently, and can be found, with brief synopsis, here 

This is what the committee had to say about my book:

"Myles Gordon’s Inside the Splintered Wood explores the angst and fickleness of family life, bravely displaying what it means to be deeply human, deeply flawed, yet deeply satisfied. The warmth, wit, and charm in these pages pull you along, demanding both your close attention and an open heart."

There are terrific descriptions of all the other selections as well. Congrats to all the finalists (we are now considered "must reads" in the Commonwealth) and award winners!