"Inside The Splintered Wood is tender and deeply human. Myles Gordon is simply an outstanding poet." - Kathleen Spivack, author of With Robert Lowell And His Circle

"Inside The Splintered Wood is a very funny book. But don't take this poet lightly. He'll be the one telling the "joke of utter humanity" when the place blows up."
- Natasha Saje, author of Bend

"...The debut collection from Myles Gordon is at once brave and ravenous; an embodiment of love starved for itself."
- Brendan Constantine, author of Calamity Joe

"A remarkable sonnet sequence lies at the heart of Myles Gordon's brave collection about family and history and the resulting wounds and recovery. "
- Jennifer Barber, author of Given Away

Monday, January 27, 2014

What other people are saying

Several months ago, I was contacted by Jerusalem Post/Jerusalem Report poetry reviewer Robert Hirschfield. Someone had recommended he review my book. What followed what a several week correspondence of insightful, challenging questions. The review just came out and I am humbled and stunned. An excerpt:

       "There are few contemporary Jewish poets whose work is as deeply embedded in tikkun olam (healing of the world) as Gordon's. A few of Philip Schultz's poems have that quality. (It was there certainly in the poetry of Schultz's friend Yehuda Amichai.) But it is not in vogue these days for poets to journey outside themselves into the heart of the suffering world."

Heady stuff for this school teacher. To see the review in total, please click: Seared dignity

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